This poem is called “Vices” because it’s about the things that grab us. good or bad, the kind of things that we can’t stop doing. We’ve all got stuff like that and if you think you don’t, look at your life for a bit. I hope you can see it. It isn’t all bad. Everything we put ourselves through whether intentional or not is building us. Make sure that you use each of those things for a good outcome. Build something good. Something that other people can see as a vice. Something they need in their lives they way you need yours.


If you haven’t picked up a copy of my compilation books yet, you can find them both here for $8 a piece! I promise that you’ll like them. Plus it helps me put out new content for you to soak up. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare and want to read some stuff that will lighten your mood and get you thinking about life with a new perspective, Come on over and grab a copy or two! 😉

Life is not Meant to be Awful: Vol. 1

Life is not Meant to be Awful: Vol. 2

2016.5.11- Vices.jpg

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