Papers Covered in Blood

This week’s blog post came from a healthy dose of frustration and a loss of words at some of the things I’ve been seeing on social media. Because I’m fed up with it, I’ll be rearranging how I behave on sites like Facebook + Twitter. That being said, the little exercise I did here was eye opening, to say the least. If you read this, please know that I want all of us to be able to live happily and carefully. I want all of us to love one another, and that means watching what we say and what we do and just how highly we regard ourselves.

Please read up + enjoy. If you liked the post and thought that it held some kind of significance with you, I’d love it if you’d share and send it out to your friends.

Last week, my brain was scrunched up into a tight little knot because of a handful of things. During last week I watched otherwise level headed and kind people go off the deep end. Including myself. I grew tired of social media last week. Not to say that it was an immediate thing. I had been steadily growing more and more frustrated with the behavior of people there, and I think that seeing some of the things I saw last week pushed me over the edge.

I’ve constantly made it the platform of this whole blog to remind me to see the good in people and to never lose hope in the world. I have always tried to leave you with something positive to take away from each post and leave myself with something positive to always remember.

The truth is… it’s getting pretty difficult to keep that up. I’ve seen so much needless hatred and back talking/insults/derogatory comments coming past my field of view that it’s beginning to have an effect on me. I’m growing weary of these people who can’t seem to listen to others. I’m growing tired of the political climate where it’s become the norm for citizens to resort to mudslinging towards other candidates and their supporters. This has evolved into physical violence on multiple occasions. I’ve grown tired of the educational climate in the world around me. I’ve grown weary of people who don’t listen. Who are unwilling to learn. Who are unwilling to set their pride aside and who continue to live for only themselves. I’m tired of people who can’t pause for a moment to look at the whole situation.

I am tired. When I get tired, I get frustrated.

So I’m done with this mud flinging. In return, I’m blood slinging.

I want everyone reading this to think about their lives for a moment. Think about where you are, who you are, what you have and what you want. I want you to picture the people that you have in your life. Are those people good people? Do they act with honor or do they intentionally stick their necks out to attack and to ruin other people’s lives? Are you in a place that makes you happy? Are you doing what you want, or what you love? At the very least are you doing what you have to do to make it another day? In your heart, do you really think that the words you say have no impact?

If you are one of those people who set out to shit talk liberals or conservatives or young mothers or old mothers or atheists or Christians or transgender people or homosexual people or anyone that is not you, take a long look at yourself.

Here’s a secret.

Everyone does that.

Every single person has said something bad about someone at some point. It’s part of being human, albeit, I don’t like it. I’ve been among those ranks. I continue to be there every so often even now.

So I want you to do something. I want you to read this next paragraph, and follow these directions to the T. You’ll need a pen and paper.

If you have recently made a post on Facebook akin to “Bernie/Trump supporters are fools/bigots or lazy/unintelligent I want you to make a mark on a piece of paper. One mark for each remark you have made. If you have thought to yourself that someone out there who is religious/atheist is dependent on a crutch/hopeless or perhaps bigoted/bigoted then I want you to make another mark on that paper, one for each time. If you have ever logged into Facebook and intentionally attacked someone who had a different opinion of you and was causing you no physical harm, I want you to mark up your paper again, once each time. I want you to think back over the past seven days. For each thought you have had that you said about one party behind their backs, I’d like you to mark up that paper once more for each time. Every time you have told yourself that you are in the right and have done something just to rile someone up and the outcome did not resolve with either of you understanding the other, please mark your paper for each occurrence. If you have talked shit on any of the above… A musical artist, an actor/actress, a political figure, a news correspondent, a member of the military, a jobless person, a college student, a religious figure living or dead, Andrew Jackson, Harriet Tubman or any other living breathing being… mark your paper. Once for every person and every instance. If you have spoken over someone within the week with the intent to “prove your point” or “make them understand” give yourself a mark. If you have called someone stupid/ignorant/lazy/worthless (or any variation of these words.) give yourself a mark for each occurrence.

Now I want you to look at that paper. No one will truly know the answer except for you, so you should take it all in.

If you are a human being, living anywhere in the world, your paper shouldn’t look like a piece of paper anymore. There are perhaps a number of big marks all across it and there is still a bit of white. This is because I didn’t bring up all of the things that we do for ourselves. I didn’t bring up the opportunities for us to break someone else’s heart, crush their self-confidence, or ruin their day just because we think we are the most important thing in this reality.

Take it from me, because I have practiced this all week too. I have watched as my paper has filled up and become something else entirely. It’s black, and covered with reminders of all the times I subconsciously put myself before others.

Now, I don’t mean to say that you should always put other people before you. You need to be in a good place before you can do anything to help anyone else, but I’ve been seeing this a lot more than I’d like, myself included.

We have been working on getting our own mentality to a strong place before even thinking about another living being. I have seen so much selfishness in myself lately, and I have seen it in others too.

Please, friends, for the sake of your own sanity and the future of our lives, please think about what you say. Think about what you do. Think about how you act and how you present yourself to the world around you.

Hate will not destroy hate.

Love is the only thing that can do that. Please…

Love yourself. Love the people around you. Seek to understand. We were given two ears and one mouth because we are meant to listen more than we talk. Please practice this. Listen to the world around you. Try to understand viewpoints that aren’t your own. Try to understand where others are in life. Try to understand. I’m not saying that it’s a guarantee that you will, but I know that at the very least, we can try.

Please come with me friends. It’s never too late to get better. It’s never too late to make your life amazing. If you have fallen, like I have, don’t be afraid to stand up.

Don’t be afraid to pick up your sword and fight these dragons.

Just remember not to swing at the soldiers beside you, because we are all fighting something different. We need each other. We always will.

I hope that we can live the kind of lives that make other people want to be there for us.

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