HIMYM Series 23: Broken Identity (S02:E01)


Welcome back to the “How I Met Your Mother” series! I’ve taken a couple weeks off and have been writing up blog posts in the meantime. Season Two is one of my favorite seasons of the show, because it really begins to blossom. Even if the lessons aren’t relevant at the time, they will be important eventually. It has this air about it that reminds me of all the reasons this show is so special. Please enjoy! If you like these posts, please comment + let me know. Share it with your friends and tell people about it. If there is a television show/piece of music/comic/form of media that you’d like to see my opinion on, feel free to leave a comment here + I’ll check it out!

One more thing before we get started this week… If you are a fan of the blog + would like to support it even more, I encourage you to pick up your own copy of the “Life is not Meant to be Awful” compilation! Volumes one + two are out right now on Amazon for $8! If you have your own copy, consider buying it for a friend. The books are full of lessons + things I’ve learned in particular and hope to pass on to others. We are in this big mess together.

Breakups are hard. On this episode of HIMYM, we get to see what it’s like for Marshall after Lily leaves him. He’s a disaster, skipping Pancake Day, a Sunday ritual in their apartment, smelling Robin’s shampoo because it reminds him of Lily, drinking beer from the previous night for breakfast and a myriad of other things. Marshall is at one of his lowest points in the series. It’s understandable. I’ve been through a couple bad breakups. None of them were the aftermath of nine yearlong relationships though, so it’s hard to find myself exactly in his shoes.

If you’re in that position today, where you feel as if you are at a loss from a breakup, know that you aren’t alone. It doesn’t even have to be a romantic break up. If you’ve just lost contact with a friend you cherished or the bond between you and a family member has been broken, know that you can get through it. It’s important to let those feelings continue, and it’s important for you to understand that time will fix your pain. Time, and let’s be honest, a lot of breakfast beers.

Each person deals with heartbreak in different ways. Some of us lie down in bed and don’t move for a few days. Some of us throw ourselves into every person in our County. Some of us dive so deep into writing that we lose ourselves. There are thousands of answers out there, and it’s okay that you’ve chosen your own. Just know that I don’t want to see your ghost forever.

One day, maybe a year from now, maybe 67 days… you will come back to life.

Don’t let the pain of today (whether it is relationship pain, familial pain, health pain, or soul pain.) stop you from doing the things you love. Don’t let your broken heart control you. Don’t let it turn you into a person that you aren’t.

If you’re hurting right now, I hope you’re reading this and I hope that you know I care about you. I hope that it makes you happy. I hope that you’ll take solace in the fact that you aren’t alone. This sad island is full of people, and we all want you to make it back home… safe, and healthy, as yourselves.


Don’t let your hurt steal your identity…

If you do, you may never get it back.


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