Identifying a Legend

So, this week’s blog post will be the last one before beginning the next season of “How I Met Your Mother.” I’ve enjoyed taking a small break from the series, but I want to get it finished and if I don’t bust some blog posts out, it never will get there. This blog post will be a short one, as I’m chomping at the bit to get back to HIMYM + Some of the other things I have planned for you.

This week, though, I wanted to talk about a band that I have regarded as one of my favorites for years now. “He Is Legend.”

Their name derives from the 1954 novel “I Am Legend” They are a heavy band infused with all kinds of dark themes, interesting sounds and almost an acid rock kind of feel to them and they have inspired so many of my writings in one way or another. They are a huge influence in my life, and because of that I wanted to talk about them. They aren’t a band who receive a lot of time on the radio due to the nature of their music, and they are a strange pack of cats to be sure.

The reason I enjoy their music so much is because it is so weird. Out of context precisely zero songs they have recorded make much sense, but they are all easy to pull lessons and ideas from. One of my favorites of theirs, is the thing that inspired my character Annabel. A woman who is constructed by a lonely man, and runs away. The roots are similar, but their stories, I’d imagine, are dramatically different. That being said, He Is Legend has been a facet in my creative process for years.

For those of you who are interested in heavy music, go have a listen to “Future’s Bright Man” off of their album “It Hates You”

You won’t be disappointed, I swear. It’s a good song, from a good band. I hope that you enjoy it + I hope you’ll be back for the rest of the posts this week. Have a wonderful day friends. Thank the bands you love.


It’s a good day to be weird.

Categories: Transitive Properties

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