HIMYM Series 22: Dancing For Rain (S01:E22)


In the Season One Finale of HIMYM, Ted goes through a couple large events in the interest of capturing Robin’s interest, while Marshall and Lily are fighting over an internship that would take Lily to San Francisco for three months. Up till this point, I’ve spoken about all kinds of things. Friendships, drinking, being surprised, secrets, big decisions and more, and here we are at the season finale of the first season and I want to talk about one line that was said in the episode. One line that holds more gravity to me than any of the others do in the first season because of when they were said.

In the latter half of the episode, Ted is atop his apartment building performing a rain dance to stop Robin from going on a company camping trip and potentially sleeping with her associate Sandy Rivers, while he is doing this Barney is sitting on the sidelines and giving Ted hell, because in his words… (paraphrased slightly.)

“She’s leaving in half an hour. Dude, these are your awesome years and you’re wasting them on this girl, this isn’t going to work.” “…then why are you doing this?”

To which Ted replies…

“…I love her. I said it the first night we went out and here it is eight months later and nothing’s changed. You hear me universe? This is Ted Mosby talking. Give me some rain! Come on. Come on! Come on!!”

And as Ted finishes speaking… a torrential downpour starts, keeping Robin from going on her trip and forcing her to stay home, meaning that she has no chance of meeting up with Sandy Rivers, and giving Ted ample opportunity to get to her house for one more chance to confess his love to her. It (obviously) ends up working and the two are solidified as a couple.

The reason these lines are brought up and matter so much to me, is because it’s something I remind myself of often. A lot of times in my life I’ve taken things out of context intentionally to make a point. If you have followed this blog at all, you’d definitely see it happening. It’s part of how I make myself push the edges of my life. It’s how I get out of my comfort zone, but enough about that… to get to the point of this post.

Ted fought for the whole season (and longer) to get Robin. The one thing that he really wanted the whole time, and he finally managed to do it. He did it and it drives thr point home that much more.

Any years you have, are your awesome years.

You can spend your whole life searching for something. It could be a specific job, a person who you love with everything, a direction to go, a place to live, a friend to hold on to. It could be literally anything, but what is the difference if you don’t’ go for it?

It’s pointless to let those things you love slide beyond you and become memories. If there is something inside of you that is pointing you one way or another, what are you waiting for? There is no time to waste! Get out there and start working towards it.

It doesn’t matter the hurdles that are in your way. If it makes you uncertain, if it makes you afraid… that’s all the more reason to go for it. If you aren’t afraid of your dreams, I don’t’ think you’re dreaming enough.

I want you, whoever you are that is reading this, to get up, go out and do something that you’ve always wanted to do.

Right this second one of my best friends in travelling around Europe on a great big adventure. I have two friends getting married this year. I’m working hard as ever on my books. One of my friends just had a child. One of them is becoming a schoolteacher. One of them is moving to Arizona. One of them is simply surviving everything life is throwing at them and I can’t be happier.

There is no reason we should hide from the rain. If things are difficult, or scary or uncertain, then look at it, decide that you really want it and then take the jump. Put one foot out and start dancing.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re fighting dragons in the rain that you make.

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