HIMYM Series 21: Mistakes (S01:E21)


After this blog post we are only one more episode away from the finale of season one, where I will be taking a short break from the “How I Met Your Mother” series to work on some other shows/music/movies and so on. This week and next week however, is regularly scheduled programming. I will be talking to you about mistakes this week.

In episode 21 of HIMYM, Lily goes off on an adventure to (hopefully) get accepted into an art program, despite the fact that she is supposed to marry Marshall in less than two months. On the way, she pops a tire and calls Ted out to pick her up. While there and defending herself, she brings up something that I think we can all take from.

She admits to having second thoughts about the marriage, and that she isn’t sure of herself. Afterwards, she tells Ted that going out for the art program is a mistake that she needs to make, then later in the episode Ted says that Robin is a mistake that he needed to make.

I like this, because it’s really hard to live up to any expectation of a perfect life with no screw ups. Sometimes they are huge, sometimes they don’t affect anything at all. My life has been up and down and I have certainly made my share of mistakes. Some of those, I’ve even intended on making because I know that I should make them. There is always an upside to everything that you do. Even if it is a mistake. I think it’s important to make everything that happens a lesson. I have a belief that if I didn’t learn something new in a day, then the whole day was a waste, so I intentionally go out to learn new things. Even if it’s something trivial.

That’s the importance of accident, or screwing up, whether it was intentional or not. We get to learn from it. Using the frame of HIMYM, you can see that intentionally taking the first step to a curiosity, will eventually lead you to realize that you really do love the person that you thought you loved all through college. Getting stranded in another city and asking a friend who you are on rocky ground with will show you that you still do love that friend. There are tons of scenarios where mistakes can be good things, even great things… as long as we learn from them and think about what the events mean to us. I can’t give specific descriptions because each scenario will be different to each person… but, what’s truly important is that you always remember that if you’ve made mistakes… it’s okay.

Just learn from them. Don’t let anything slow you down.

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