HIMYM Series 16: Jumping and Running (S01:E16)


The 16th episode of How I Met Your Mother is about Ted and Victoria making a decision about their relationship after finding out that Victoria has been accepted to a culinary institute in Germany and will be leaving on a super important dessert scholarship.

This is another one of those episodes that is hard to write about. It involves long distance relationships and huge life decisions that I’ve never had to make. Still, there is something to be gleaned from the episode. In a short quote from Marshall, he inspires Ted to stay with Victoria for their last day together instead of breaking up early to let the relationship end on a fight.

I think that is important to hear, especially for so many of the people in my generation. There are tons of guys/girls my age that are so desperate for love and affection a specific way, that when things start to go wrong they would rather jump ship to avoid a big fight than to sit down with their loved one and solve the problem.

There are a lot of people my age that have this mentality, too. That we have to make decisions immediately. This even goes into careers and entering relationships, not just fights or disagreements. It saddens me to see people feel so helpless about the situation that they just don’t want to fight for love, it seems.

Now, this isn’t a blanket statement and I’m definitely not talking about the majority. I know many more people who are willing to fight until they are cut to the bone for the person that they love.

It makes me wonder, still.

I’m not a relationship guru, and I don’t have all of the answers but I think it would behoove us to look at it like Marshall lays it out. If you know something is coming, something that could mean doom to your relationship, or your job, or life as you know it…

Why would you end it early?

“If you knew that your leg was going to be cut off tomorrow, would you sit around and cry about it or would you run and jump and do a bunch of awesome kicks while you still had the chance?”

Now, I’ve paraphrased the above quote, but it is still the same hard hitting message. Why should we give up something that we love, just because we know that it won’t be around forever?

Nothing is around forever, and it’s beautiful because of that. We should hold on to the good things for as long as we can. To appreciate their presence in our lives. To remind us of all the joy we get from jumping and running. To remind us, at the end of the day… that life is not meant to be awful.

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