HIMYM Series 14: For When You Get Stale (S01:E14)


I think that it’s been fun working on the “How I Met Your Mother” series, because watching through now I’ve learned so much more about the show and myself that I get to share with each of you. Every so often, there are dull spots that come up in the series where it’s hard to pull something from it. Still, I stand by my belief that there is something to be learned from everything.

Episode 14 of How I Met Your Mother is about Ted and Victoria’s first time together, and Lily and Marshall getting trapped in the bathroom while the aforementioned couple builds up tension in the living room. Meanwhile, they set up the framework for Barney and Robin’s complicated relationship. It’s all about firsts. Delivered with a lot of humor and irony, I like it a lot because it reminds me that this life is always new to us.

There are no two days that are exactly alike, even if we have the same kinds of days, they will be filled with small things that change the way they progress. We will do a lot of things in this life, and they won’t be exactly the same which is something that I admire.

“The beauty of a moment is that it’s fleeting…” is a quote from the show, and while it sounds cheesy and is deliberately done so, there is a lot of truth to it.

See, I’ve written five books now. As I finish each one, I’m seeing my growth as an artist and my growth personally because of it. Each of the three novels I’ve penned carry a heavy weight with me. They are so personal, and they have been written from the depths of my heart. Each one has brought new sadness, confusion, and more than anything else, joy from within their pages. I’ve loved the work that I’ve put in there.

Each time I venture out of my cave to spend time with my friends, it is a new first. We might do the same thing, but I revel in the idea that nothing will be the same three months from now. There are always new things to experience and to do with the people that you love. There will always be new people for you to love and appreciate. That being said, it gets scary in a relationship or a friendship when you begin to run out of firsts.

Things can feel old or stale after a while, and it might become difficult to keep your spark alive, which was gone over in the show. Even then, with piles of “first times” out of the way, there are always new things to encounter. New experiences that we will come across. There is always more to do.

This is a short blog post, because there isn’t a lot to say on the topic. In the end, I want to always remember that there will always be new things to discover, to do, to live within and there will always be new ways to love the people I already love with all of me.

No matter how hard I try, things will never get stale…

For that, I couldn’t be more thankful.

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