Ink Made of Blood

The other day, I was listening to a song by one of my favorite artists, Watsky called “Ink Don’t Bleed.” In the song, he calls out musicians that aren’t who they claim to be. Straight edge Vegans who eat burgers and slug down whiskey, session singers that don’t have the right face for the market and so on…

It hit me when I first listened to it, because I’ve always thought it was such an honest song and I wanted to write about it eventually, so here I am. Today on the blog, I’m going to be talking about being true to yourself, and being yourself even in the midst of creating your art.

Recently, with a host of manuscripts under my belt I’ve been working myself extra hard to make sure that all of the pieces will fall in line and my universe will easily unfold before you. If it happens the way I’ve described it, well… that has yet to be seen. I’ll tell you in the blog in about two years.

There is a lot of stress put on people in the creative world. If you hide behind a computer screen to make it, like I do, people don’t really have much to say. Unless you pull a Bill Cosby and your skeletons come pouring out of your closet all at once. When it comes to professions like music or acting, you are always on display and everything you do is there to be scrutinized by the public. Because of that, the major players in those careers have decided that there needs to be a certain image that is associated with mainstream media icons. Each of them have their own independent look. If you take a look at each one, none of them are “ugly.” What I mean by that, is that every single actor/actress or musician is appealing to the eye. In one way or another. Some of them might be awkward like Michael Cera, others might be heartthrobs like Zac Efron. This is especially true to women in the mainstream. All of them are attractive.

It’s constructed like this for a reason, to send a message that these things are coupled together. That your level of attractiveness and your creative ability are somehow tied together in spiraling fate. If you are a great songwriter, yet you don’t fit the bill that the producer is looking for they will approach you and have you sell your music to someone else. This can be said for a lot of people. Of course, it’s this way for a lot of reasons. My mom wrote music for a while, and she was even asked to go to Nashville and meet with a group about getting her music. They wanted to make it popular, yet my mom decided against it.

It’s odd to me that these two things, creativity and attractive people have been lumped together. It’s as if the people looking at their work and their passions don’t actually see what is happening. It’s like they can’t see those people.

Some of the most beautiful people I’ve known in life are “ugly” but their hearts are what make them amazing. They don’t have good bodies or straight teeth, they have an irritating laugh or they have a poor sense of humor, yet they still create these amazing things that blow me away. Some people are too tall and they make amazing music. Some people are too skinny, too fat, too ugly to be looked at.

Well, it’s bullshit.

If you have ever been told in your life that you can’t get something because of your looks, I hope you told the person that they can get bent. That you are so much more than that. You are incredible. Everything about you is incredible, and your looks don’t make that matter. If you have a voice of gold, sing. Sing as loud and as passionately as you can, because eventually, people will begin to hear you because of your voice, not because of your looks.

If you write, or draw, or create anything at all and you do it well… don’t ever stop. People all over will tell you that you can’t do it because of how you look, but those people can’t see the beauty that rests inside of you.

The simple fact that you bring something like that to the world is amazing. It’s so amazing to see it in action. I’ve seen people’s faces completely change before my eyes when they begin talking about the things they love.

What I’m trying to say here is this…

If you feel self-conscious or ashamed of your looks, or anything else that people needlessly give you shit for… just focus on what you love. There is a beauty there that can’t be explained. Focus on doing what you love, no matter what it is. Draw, sing, cook, create, cut grass. Whatever your passion is… follow it. Our appearance does not, and will never define our passions.

Always, always, always remember that.

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