A Story We Can Smoke To (Rough Draft)

So, the other day I reconnected with an old friend and began catching up with her. We hadn’t talked all that much when we were younger, but it was nice to hear from her. She had happened to make a short stop in Elko to say hello to some people, or maybe to visit, I don’t know. But regardless, I made plans to grab some lunch with her and catch up. Then, as we were talking I realized that I didn’t have this urge that I often have.

With me, there is always some kind of nervous tick, or urge that I want to fulfill. I want to write, or smoke a cigarette, or check my phone and read about nothing until I fill some kind of void with more nothing. I click my tongue or I bounce my leg. I shift my gaze around the room because I’m afraid that perhaps someone thinks I’m staring at them and I don’t want them to feel awkward and I don’t want to cause a scene. These are all things that pass through my head every so often, and I can’t explain why. The nice thing about lunch with my friend is that I didn’t have any of those urges. I wasn’t clicking my tongue, I didn’t reach for my phone until I had remembered that I needed to be at work that day and should probably check the time. I didn’t think about smoking, which I’ve been pressuring myself to not do. I didn’t bounce my leg.

Instead… I laughed and smiled and had a great time. It was special, not because of who it was or that there was anything going on between us. It was special because I remembered briefly why I made it a point to go outside for a while every day. I spend so much time cooped up in this cave working on books or logos or shirts that I sometimes forget how important genuine human interaction is, especially with people you care about.

I went away from that lunch feeling over the top happy because I had been revitalized, and I went through that night with one thing on my mind…

People need other people. I’ve been perpetuating that message from TWLOHA for as long as they have been telling it. Sometimes, when you work too much, or when you get caught up in life, you forget that. That’s what this poem is about. Finding that subconscious happiness from enjoying someone’s company. I hope that you enjoy it.

2016.2.10- A Story We Can Smoke To


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