Poetry + Music Updates

So, this week really snuck up on me. I’ve been in the final stages of finishing up my first draft of Gold Rush, pounding out words thousands at a time. Because I fell behind in writing it, everything else slipped up so I don’t have a poem or anything for you this week. Instead, I wanted to give you an update on some of the side projects I’ve been storming up.
This year is a huge year, and last week I gave a run down on my novel release platform for 2016. Those are all for sure projects that you will be holding by the end of the year.

Behind that, I’ve been working on a few other things. First and foremost, a spoken word poetry album that I’ve been collaborating on with my friend Bryan (Coastal6 on Soundcloud) called “Topography of the Creative Mind” the album is all about the ups and downs I go through (as do every other creative person) in the depths of their minds. It goes over a lot of things, love, loss, depression and addiction, habits we form, the way I personally communicate. It’s been a huge project and I’m hoping to bring you the finished product this year, but I have no idea right now when it will be finished.

On top of that, there is the poetry compilation “I’ve Seen a Ghost” that I’m writing on and off with the help of my Uncle’s poetry. It’s going to be a labor of love, and a memorial to some people who have passed on that I still wish so badly were around. Because this book has been difficult for me to wrap my head around, I can’t give a release date on it either. 

I’ve been slowly collecting the pieces from corners of the far world to construct a computer + begin my YouTube Channel as well. When this initial adventure ends, it will resolve to become a channel devoted for Let’s Plays and blogs and some poetry, music and possibly short story readings. It opens up a huge avenue for me + I couldn’t be more excited. I’m aiming for a summer start to this project but it will depend on my ability to get a plan put together for it.
Sorry that I’ve skipped out on poetry the last two weeks, but it will return soon. Thank you so much for reading, and I don’t want these projects to stay behind the scenes forever. Telling you will inspire me, and it will make me work harder than ever.

Thank you for believing in me + supporting me. Life is not meant to be awful. 

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