Tentative Release Plans

Currently, I’m working on the third re-write of a book called “Gold Rush” and it’s full of ups and downs. It’s been a difficult book to write because of how dark it has become. The first book was written in about a day and a half after I had gotten back from a camping trip with some friends that I still hold dear to my heart. The content was dark then, and it made for an awkward book because I wanted to talk about how great things in life are and how special building friendships is. As the book was finished, I stowed it away for a while to return to after I had finished the release of The Darling Bones.

March had passed and I was over the initial stress of editing and releasing my debut novel, which didn’t actually relieve any stress for me. It converted it into a new form that was advertising and releasing the books. I had flopped around, going between writing new work and trying to peddle my book simultaneously, and it didn’t pan out. I sort of collided into myself and didn’t accomplish either of them.

So I was at a loss. It was in that loss that I found my old proof copy of gold Rush and began reading through it, after looking at it a second time I decided that it was far too short and I couldn’t sell something that was as short as it was for as much as I was selling it for. So I decided to rewrite it and double the word count. Eventually, that plan rolled out and I began. I made it about halfway through the 80K word count goal and realized that I had expended the story. There was nothing there for me to draw from. I couldn’t write about the feelings of the trip as passionately because it had come and gone and was no longer in the forefront of my mind. I tried a number of small tricks to help keep the creativity flowing, but it wouldn’t. Nothing new came of it. I just kept pounding out words and pandering in an effort to make my word count match up to what I wanted it to be and had lost sight of the story I was trying to tell.

Frustrated, I banked the second re-write and sat on the idea of the book for close to six months. Planning other books and other ideas, setting up the framework for the book I completed last November for NaNoWriMo and reading through The Darling Bones realizing that I needed to heavily re-edit it.

So, I’ve told you all of that so that I can tell you this.

The year of planning and thinking that I did has paid off, as I have reached a point within myself, and I have a clear vision for the future, as much of it as I can at least.

The Darling Bones, at release, was intended to be a part of a collection of books called “The Precursor Six” Which are six different novels that set up the framework and lay out the moods and style of my future writing. These books are written to introduce new readers to concepts that they will be running into a lot in my books. The afterlife, the spirit of death, Six Spirits who are clouded in mystery and who have a hidden agenda, other worlds that are built into my universe. It introduces you to the Oracles, a handful of ordinary people with extraordinary powers and setbacks. It is meant to introduce new readers to my work. It is the foundation that the rest of my writing is built on, essentially.

Because these books are so important to my readers understanding the foundation to my universe, I want them to be written as well as possible, with as much information in them as possible. Meaning that in the coming days I will be pulling “The Darling Bones” from Amazon and going through it once more, fixing the numerous editing mistakes that were littered within the novel, as well as adding some content that I should have thought to add the first time around.

Gold Rush is being written right now, and I am almost to the end of the story and at a 68K word count. I have put in a lot of sorrow and a lot of bad into this novel, to exorcise this sorrow and negativity that had been roosting inside of my heart. It is going to be a hard book to read, because it was a hard book to write. I will be finishing it up just after January ends, and going through an extensive editing process to get it ready for release.

That being said, let’s talk about my writing releases in 2016.

As a number of you probably know (or don’t, I’m pretty bad at advertising it.) Every year I release a compilation of the best blog posts from the year. Each compilation is then bound and put into book form. I will be releasing these books every year on Thanksgiving (Unless something comes up that stops me from doing so.) By the end of 2016, I will also have every one of the Precursor Six written. Meaning, each year there will be a minimum of three books released for 2017 + 18.

This year is different, I will be re-releasing a number of books because of editing changes that I decided to make, content changes (In the case of The Darling Bones) and other various problems I had run into.

So, I want to give everyone a simple reference to the books that I will be releasing this year, and when they will be coming out.

Alva Tobias Book Release in 2016:

“Mean Shadows” – First Quarter, Aiming for Feb. 29th (Tentative Date)

“Life is not Meant to be Awful Compilations 1 (S6:E14, Last Words) + 2 (H.P.O.E, Happy People Over Everything) – First Quarter, Aiming for March 31st.

“The Darling Bones” Second Edition– June 6th

“Gold Rush” – September 15th

“Life is not Meant to be Awful Compilation 3 (Fighting Dragons) – Thanksgiving Day.


I’ve put this list here to give everyone a minimum heads up of a month, that there will be books galore coming from me this year. Some you’ve read already, some you haven’t seen anything from yet. All of them are books I am so excited to bring to you.

More will be coming from me in the future, my apologies for not bringing a poem or a story excerpt this week, I just couldn’t find it in me. I felt as if this post would be much more important for people to read.

Thank you for reading along friends, thank you for being patient with me grow as an author, a businessman, and a friend. I will always love your support.


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