Bible Study Kids


In an effort to overload you on religious stuff this month, I have another blog post about my faith. I’ve chosen to write this for two reasons. First, because I feel as though I have fallen out of true practice of my religion. I have been lying in a pot of lukewarm water and waiting for things to happen. Waiting for a fire to alight inside of me. Waiting for some kind of holy divination to fall upon me. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I wrote this post because I’m tired of waiting. I need to do something. Secondly, I wrote this because I think that my experience here can help a lot of my religious and non-religious friends alike when it comes to their view of the world.

To start this off, we’re going to go way back in time to when I attended a church here in Elko called Calvary Baptist. There, I was part of a program called the Royal Ambassadors, which was basically the Baptist version of boy scouts. We made pinewood derby cars and line gliders and read bible verses and did all kinds of crafts and had an overall good time. That being said, I want to talk about the bible verses thing.

There is a lot of stress on Christian youth to learn bible verses and have them memorized. They are your weapons against the wiles + temptation of the Devil, we are told. While I don’t disagree with the practice, I disagree with how it was presented to me. In Sunday school, in between my long periods of time checking out the cute girls that went to class with me and also trying to focus just enough so that I wouldn’t get in trouble, I was given a task every week. In Sunday school as well as Royal Ambassadors. I was tasked with memorizing a bible verse. It could be any length or what have you, but I had to have it memorized by the next week. (Well, not had to, but I was encouraged to with a reward of animal crackers and a juice box.) Because I am who I am, and I always have been this kind of guy, I waited until the last minute to cram the bible words into my brain space so that I could recite them as fast as possible back to my teacher. This practice started in Sunday school but was soon carried over into my academic life. I would cram the night before a big test so that I could pass it the next day.

It destroyed my brain. Many of those verses and test subjects have long since been forgotten in the caverns of my mind. I have limited space up there, and I needed to keep the important stuff fresh. Like what bands were releasing new music and what books were coming out and what games would be fun to play and so on.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve gotten much better about doing a last minute blitz to get something finished. Instead of 20 minutes before it’s due, I can get it done at least within 24 hours. Sometimes even 48.

Jokes aside, it’s important for us to remember this idea.

Rarely in this life can you keep something in your head that you have to cram in there. It takes time to learn and to soak up that knowledge. Whether that knowledge is Bible verses, English notes, Birthdays or anything else. Time is necessary to learning new things. It is something that should be spent in enjoyment and not in a rush. Good work is never created in a hurry.

Your life is your greatest project. Don’t hurry through it. Take the time to enjoy the ride and soak up what you can. If you have trouble, there are people all over who have been asked questions that you haven’t. There is no shame in asking for help. Whether you’re asking for help from your parents, your friends, your peers, or a God.

We are all connected. We all move at different speeds. Take that into consideration. Let people move at their own speed, but don’t ignore them so that you can go ahead. We all have the same destiny. Let’s make sure that the journey is enriched with our beliefs and our knowledge. Make sure that our passions never die.

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