Dark Wizard + The Goblin King (Rough Draft)

I wrote this in about forty seconds after hearing about Alan Rickman’s death, I had intended on writing a tribute to David Bowie before then, and so I decided to mash them together. It’s definitely still in rough draft form, but both of those guys were an inspiration to me, Bowie more than Rickman, but still, as creative people they still helped me to continue on. I don’t want to get into why they inspired me so much in a bunch of detail, but I will say that Bowie in particular was one of those guys who inspired me to understand that it was okay to be weird. He was a trend setter, because he just did what he wanted to for better or worse and it was magnetic to people. I loved that about him, and quite a few other major musicians.

It’s always a fear of creative people to die. A lot of us feel like we won’t have enough time to finish our projects or to get things done the way that we want them to be done and it’s just as true for me personally.

Death has always inspired me, I want to get all of these books out and to grow and make a name for myself, and with everything I want to do, that’s going to take some time. S I’ll work diligently every day and try and try. There is no reason to stop right now. My dreams will become a reality, so that in the future, hopefully I will have inspired others as these great men have inspired me.



2016.1.20- Dark Wizard + The Goblin King.jpg 

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