HIMYM Series 10: Pineapple Stuff


The latest in the HIMYM series is about one of my favorite plot points in the series. The pineapple incident. In short, in the 10th episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted is talked into getting hammered so that he doesn’t overthink any situations involving anything at all, which leads to a crazy night and he wakes up in bed the next morning with a strange woman, and also a pineapple.

I love the theme of the episode, but I want to talk about the pineapple itself. It’s one of the biggest parts of the story, because of what it symbolizes.

All of this stuff is happening through the show, relationships develop and break down, people meet and separate, things will happen, but the only question that doesn’t ever get answered is the pineapple. What it was doing in Ted’s room, or why it was a part of the storyline. It was a gag joke that the director put in to make people wonder and to set up some of the systems for the show, because there is always something that Ted will get to later in the story (season) as he is talking to his kids.

The thing I like about The Pineapple Incident is that it never gets explained. Not a single time throughout the show does it get brought up and resolved. It is simply a mystery for the next nine seasons.

I like it, and look at it as a symbol in life.

Sometimes pineapples just happen and we don’t have a reason for them to. They just pop up and are gone, and we don’t always know where they came from or why they are.

There are so many things like that in life. Some hurt, some make you happy, but none of them are explained.

It’s a small reminder that this show didn’t plan for, that tells us to expect the unexpected. Expect the unimaginable. Things will come and go, but you will always have your friends and your loved ones.

If a pineapple is on the way, then I’ll be ready for it. Not every event needs explanation, but every event will be met by met and the people who support me. It’s the only way I know how to react. Good or bad, if I wake up one day with a pineapple I’m not going to ask about it. I’m just going to let it be.

Pineapples come in many forms. New people. Job offers. People leaving your life. New feelings. Old feelings. Ideas. Hopes. Pain. Dreams. Sometimes when these things come, you won’t know why. But since we are going through each lesson that HIMYM offers, I can personally take from it that when those things come, whatever they are, I have a group of people who are going to stand by my side and cheer me on, or console me.

Then, when all is said and done, we will sit down and share that pineapple together.

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