Masterpiece in the Making

I see a lot of people talking about how they want to skip things and then move on to the better/easier things in life. The notion confuses the hell out of me because the struggle is what makes the success so worth it. If I didn’t have to climb the mountain, getting to the top would hardly be worth it, right?

Sometimes, we as people want to skip things about ourselves too. “Oh, I weigh too much and need to exercise.” So vultures who know that we will usually take the easy way out will come through with miracle weight loss plans. “I want to quit smoking I know it’s killing me.” So people will release all kinds of alternatives to smoking that are just as terrible, if not more so. “I want to learn piano.” So people will begin taking lessons and then in some cases, when it proves to be too difficult they will give up or find a more simple route to learning.

I’m all for making things easy on yourself, but everything in this life can’t be easy. Some of the scenarios above don’t necessarily fit the bill of what I’m about to say, but I wanted to highlight it anyways.

This life is meant to challenge you. It is meant to beat you down and build you up and you are meant to grow from it. This is only true, of course, if you give yourself that mentality.

A big thing that I see a lot (and have said a few times) is that people want to skip relationships and go right to the whole happily married with a family thing. It’s admirable, but there again, the end goal isn’t worth it if you just skirt your way through the whole ordeal. I’ve watched my friends in relationships grow and change and fight and love and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen. I’ve seen friends hit rock bottom and fight their way up. Some of them are still fighting to get out of the pit they have found themselves in, but they are fighting. They can’t skip to the end and they know that.

All of this rounds out to one big point…

You are destined to be a masterpiece.

Every part of you that is struggling today is going to eventually become a piece of one of the most beautiful works of art that the world has ever seen. You just have to keep moving. Don’t let the weight of anything drag you down. You will break free of it and when you do you will find yourself painted and sculpted and fired and broken and reshaped and this will continue until one day, you will wake up and see that every step in your journey was worth it.

Every little brush stroke in every blade of grass has helped to shape you little by little with every passing day and you will end up on the wall of someone’s mind. Finally recognized as the true work of art that you always were meant to be.

Because of this, don’t give up on the hard things that come your way. Don’t wish to skip to easier challenges. Stand up and keep going. I believe in you.

You have always been a masterpiece.

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