Two Today (Rough Draft)

The other night at work, I was listening to an artist that I’ve recently discovered named Faunts. They have a song called “Gone With The Day” and if you’ve never heard of it, please go listen immediately. This blog post + poem are not going anywhere.

It’s this somber track that inspired this poem about loss of love. I don’t know why it happened or for what reason, but this feeling just came over me and the words poured out of my pen. I couldn’t stop writing until it was finished, and I couldn’t focus on anything else besides this poem. When I was done, I was in tears.

This isn’t about some experience that happened to me or anyone I know of. It is rather, about something that surfaced in my mind for no reason other than it was a story that needed to be told. Looking at it now, it’s unfinished and needs work, but that is why I’m posting it here. This blog is mostly about my rough drafts, not my masterpieces.

I wanted you to experience this poem in the same way that I did. Raw emotion dripping out of your eyes like leaky faucets. There is no better way to experience this, I believe. I hope that at the end, you enjoyed it, for whatever feelings it inspired inside of you.

It was a hard one for me to write, but the feeling that I should was simply over powering me. I couldn’t stop.

Whatever was in there, is still inside of me, and it’s waiting patiently to be told. I hope you can bear with me and wait as I sift through things to find it again. In the meantime, please listen to “Gone With The Day” + enjoy this poem, for all of the heartbreaks that it gave me.

(Big thank you to Faunts for making such incredible music. Big thank you to Bryan for introducing me to them.)

 2016.1.13- Two Today.jpg 

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