Trees + Machines: The Electric Druid

I have this book planned, sometime in the future (specific, I know.) this book is about a human sorcerer and his unusual companion. His familiar, who is a human from another dimension that controls druidic magic. There are a million and a half notes that I’ve written about magic in my universe and those things will be released when you need to know about them, but for now I want to talk about this druid in particular. See… I based him off of the version of myself that I always want to be. Cool and collected. Never hot headed and never stressed. He has things under control, and when he doesn’t, he can easily find a way to get them there. This druid’s name is Tobias. (Sound familiar?)

Tobias and Magnus, the Sorcerer, appear in two books that are the duality of the life I live now and the one that I want to be living. The second, being “The Electric Druid” This book has a theme that I wanted to talk with you about today.

This post was originally going to be a part of the Fighting Dragons series, but I wanted to put it in Talking Floorboards for two reasons, first it is about a story and second, I feel like you guys needed a break from bummer poetry. I dunno, I’m just guessing.

The Electric Druid is a book that will be a bit different than others. I’ve taken a note from my Transitive Properties series and I will be writing this book with actual references to real world things that have helped shape who I am and how I see the world. One of those things, is nature itself.

Below, I will be going over the concept of nature in humanity for a bit, just as a sneak peek for you at future works.

Whether you believe the biblical story of creation or the evolutionary story of development, one thing is certainly evident. Our entire world is formed because of nature. It’s easy to see everywhere we look. Back when I was a bit younger, and still gave into the philosophies of Spirit Science, I read this interesting text block that was floating over a picture of a shell, or a pinecone or something that followed the Fibonacci Sequence. Which, if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a perfect spiral. I won’t bore you with the math details but in essence it is a spiral that follows the golden ratio, and gets wider by a specific number with each quarter turn. I’d put that character in this post, but I don’t know the Alt code for it so I won’t. The math isn’t the part that is important right now anyway. What’s important is that this spiral is everywhere. In sea shells to pine cones to cell structure. It is cemented into the life all around us. In the same way that this spiral exists in nature, so do we.

Another facet of evidence is in the very structure of leaves. The way the veins run through and deliver nutrients to the plant mimic the structure of the veins in our bodies. They run through and fan out, delivering nutrients to our bodies through the small tubes. While visually this design is fairly simple, in action it is incredibly complex in nature, making for something beautiful. These same synchronicities can be seen all over in nature and in the human body.  A short stint through some Google images will prove this. (Beware of edited photos to make illusions.)

All of this leads me personally to believe that we were designed and created with a specific purpose in mind. It’s no secret that I am a Christian and I don’t deny that I believe in God. I do, with all of my heart. This concept just cements that belief in my heart. God built us like trees, not machines. We aren’t put on this earth to slave away for anything material. We were meant to enrich the lives of those around us, the same way that the trees bring oxygen for humans and we produce carbon dioxide for them. (Among the other sources, but still, you get what I mean.)

Even in our roots, we mimic the trees. Our toes stretch forward and towards the ground, holding us in place, making sure that we stay standing upright despite whatever wind or storm that may come our way. The way the roots burrow into the ground resemble the neural pathways in our minds and the veins around our lungs. We were meant to be a part of nature, not to live alongside it.

All of these things will be gone over in depth in The Electric Druid, but I will elave you with this today.

I believe that we were built like trees, because even in the worst storms and seasons in our lives, we will always come back stronger than we were when they started. We were meant to fade away and grow back, sometimes different. Even in small ways. We were meant to grow like nature, because we were designed after nature. Our blueprints were taken directly from the world we exist inside of.

Whatever you believe, I think that’s a pretty astounding thing to think of.

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