Terrible Poem

I’ve been writing a bunch more on this blog for a couple months now, and like every other avenue of my life… when I overwrite I get overwhelmed and it becomes difficult for me to keep the good ideas flowing. Of course, I made a promise to myself that I would not miss a post in GME this year unless the situation was urgent, so I forced out this poem.

I’ll tell you, it isn’t a good one. Not to me, at least.

That’s something of note that we experience in our lives. Sometimes, you don’t know what to say so you just open your mouth and let something fall out. It’s a problem I personally face all the time. I’ll say really random stuff in a scenario that won’t fit around it because I can’t think of anything else worthwhile to say. I do this because I’ve trained myself to write through writer’s block. I make sure to push myself until Ideas come again, but sometimes it takes longer than other times. That’s how this poem ended up the way it did. I needed something to put here, so I started writing. I set out for this poem to be a weak poem, so that later I can look at it in a critical light and let myself figure out my own weaknesses.

Last night, as I was lying in bed I couldn’t get this one memory out of my head. When I was younger, my best friend, Sami had moved away from my hometown and we had begun writing letters to her. One night, trying to write a response to hers I was having this awful time remembering how to spell the word “been” and I kept forgetting an E. My mom came and fixed the misspellings for me, but I always remember that. I don’t have a reason as to why or not, but every time as an adult that I see the name Ben I think of that letter, and I think of Sami and my long lasting friendship with her, despite all of our distance and silent months.

It’s good to have people that love you in your life.

2015.12.30- Terrible Poem.jpg


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