HIMYM Series 07: Margaritas Make Me Sexy (S01:E07)


The seventh episode of HIMYM is about a scientific algorithm that enables people to find their soulmate, and how it’s not something that people look to. It shows us that love cannot be explained with math or science.

It grows the roots in my mind even more, that love is a choice. It’s something that we feel, sure, but it is also something that we choose to do every day. We pick the people that we love whether it is a conscious decision or not. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in statistics and big numbers that people will throw at you. Your compatibility with someone is defined only by your decision to love and care for them day after day. This brings to light something that isn’t spoken about much, bad relationships.

Every partnership isn’t a good one. I’ve seen plenty that have spiraled downward and become rough for those involved. I’ve seen hearts break because people chose to love someone that was poisonous to them, too.

Well, I want to remind you that the ball is always in your court. If you give your time and your heart and your future to someone who doesn’t want it, you won’t be blamed for getting out. It is something that you should stand up for. Your emotions can be as fragile as they are strong, just like our lives are as long as they are short. There is no time to waste loving someone who doesn’t share that love with you in return. That being said, I see a lot of people who love their partners dearly, but it sometimes isn’t enough for them.

Every situation is different, but in this regard please keep in mind that love is not shown in the same way. Even in friendships. All of my friends show their love for each other in different ways. One of them likes to get gifts for people randomly because it’s how he chooses to show his love. He pays attention to things you mention that you want in passing and if you can’t buy them, every so often he will. He’s done it for me a number of times. Another friend of mine shows love through their words. They tell me as often as they see me that they appreciate who I am and when I am absent from their lives for a time, they are overjoyed to see me again, greeting me with a big hug. Another friend of mine shows love through his intellect. The more serious the matters he speaks with me are, the more its’ easy to see that he loves and cherishes me.

Others only show love when they feel truly safe. I have a friend like that too. Who didn’t open up to me until he was sure that I was a part of his life. I know a girl who doesn’t show love unless you prove to her that you can stand up and care for her child.

All of these different variations on love are brilliant and astounding in their own ways. The minds of people bring me to this state of awe that I can’t explain. Forgive the misuse of the word, but I love it.

Personally, I show love through words. When I leave I tell those people that I love them. When they leave me I ask that they tell me when they are homes safe. The point of all this is that in every avenue, love is different. People give different forms of love and one is not necessarily worse than another. It is about who you are as a person.

Never take love for granted, because it can’t be calculated. It can’t be shined on and made to impress you, not real love. Real love will blow you away. It will humble you. It will be mystified to your mind, because of its nature. It is the most pure and beautiful thing in the world. It is something that should be cherished and held on to.


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