A Fist Glimpse at Lillyfield

“Nestled in the center of nothing, in a small city in America there lies a town called Lillyfield. A town that is filled with darkness. The lives of the citizens are spent passing from one point to the next, without care or decision. They are desensitized to the world around them, because the people living there are cursed.

They have carried this curse for years and years. No one leaves Lillyfield. No one new realizes when they arrived. They are haunted. Spirits walk beside them, holding the hands of the people who have forgotten how to live, who have forgotten how to feel and to be alive. A city of ten thousand people, begging to be put to rest but not knowing how to arrive at their death… these people have lived and died in Lillyfeild and are walking alongside their partners. Their children. Their grandparents… They are blissfully unaware of the death that looms around them, because the residents here are lost in the memories of their loved ones. The people here don’t know how to leave, because no one leaves.

Lillyfield is a ghost town that has somehow found new life. This new life changed Lillyfield. Their constant routes had been changed. A new couple had arrived in the town, disrupting everything. Because these kids know who is dead and who is not. They have lifted the curse, but only for a time. All good things come to an end. All good things end.

After the curtain is drawn… these kids saw the true atrocities that put the town of Lillyfield to death in the first place.

Those sights are enough to make anyone go crazy, ask me, I’ve seen them too.”


–Quoted from “The Collected Historia of Lillyfield, LA”

Siegfried L. Commen; the Author and Chief Historian of Lillyfield.



The above is an excerpt from the story section of an album I’ve got in progress about a town called Lillyfield. I wanted to get back into music and in my nature, I needed to tell a story. Lillyfield was born from this desire. More information will be released as it is created, this is mostly a rough draft of the story. I’m still running through different ideas and plans for what I want to do with the project, because I think it’s going to be pretty special. This is an interesting project for me because I started writing the setting before I created any of the characters and that is something I’m foreign with. It takes place in a fictional city in Louisiana that is cursed with a magical/supernatural force that no one can identify. Each of the citizens is simultaneously dead and alive, and because of that they aren’t allowed to enter Lillyfield. I think a big part of the story was subconsciously drawn from my love of the Silent Hill games which feature a similar town, but as always I’m going to torque it through and rework the project until it is something that is completely my own. Another huge influence was something that one of my teachers always used to say when I was in high school, that Elko was a black hole. You could leave but you would always come back. I think a lot of kids took that to heart, I know I did. Maybe somewhere deep down, that’s why I haven’t actually left town yet. Or maybe I’m cursed, whose to say?


I’ll keep you in the loop, in the meantime I’m finishing up my next book “Mean Shadows” Which sets the stage for a number of mu future stories. It’s going to be a good one, I can’t wait to release it for you. Hopefully to be released around the New Year. I’ll fill you in on new info about it when I get to the final stages of creation and production.

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