HIMYM Series 03: Friend Like Barney (S01:E03)


In the third episode of HIMYM, Barney drags Ted out of New York City and into Philadelphia to chase a couple attractive girls. Once there, they discover that their plan is foiled because both the girls are taken and they have to make new plans. During that time, Barney manages to talk one of the security guards into letting them come over and have drinks with her friends at her place, where they meet Dana, a guy who works security at the Liberty Bell.

I love this episode because it reminds me of my friends. We like to go on adventures and parade around town doing nothing planned, and everything on a whim and it sometimes gets us into shenanigans. Other times, it gets us some incredible stories. Much like Barney, we have a person who wants to be legendary in every group of friends, I think. I think it’s important that we have that guy because if we didn’t our lives would be so much more boring and unfulfilling.

I like this episode because it’s a small reminder that you need to do something crazy every once and a while. You need to get out of your shell and see the world in a different light, even if that light is from the side of the Liberty Bell. I think it’s a powerful message that can speak to everyone. Meanwhile, while all of this is happening, Lily and robin are out at the bar and Lily starts to feel sad because Robin is constantly being hit on by all of these men, and she is being completely ignored. In a state of insecurity she takes the ring off, hoping to have at least one guy approach her, when one does it turns out that he is gay. This news upsets Marshall and he rushes to the bar to talk to Lily about it.

There are two big things that I take away from this episode.

Firstly, that it’s important to have a love that you’re willing to fight for. One that makes you feel whole. It’s important to have another half of your heart and to stand up for that other half as often as possible. Sometimes, I hear from my friends who have been in relationships a long time, that they have the thought that it would be fun to be single for a while. Shortly after this thought, they throw it away because they are truly happy with their partner. I think we could all take from that. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship. It could be any kind. A friendship, a partner, what have you. We all need someone to make us feel complete.

Secondly, we all need a friend who is willing to push our boundaries because they love us. It’s something that we see all through HIMYM in Barney. Always going the extra mile to make sure that the gang is getting outside the box every once and a while and having a legendary night. That’s something I hope to strive to do for my friends. I hope that in some way, whether it is physical or mental or emotional, I hope that we can all have legendary nights and live in luxury for a while. The luxury that only comes from having a great set of friends. I know that I do, because when we’re together and life is throwing curve balls at us, we don’t always go where we want to go, but we always walk away with a good story.

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