HIMYM Series 02: Giraffe Zones (S01:E02)

In the second episode of HIMYM, it’s about Ted throwing three parties in order to meet Robin. Where he will talk her into going onto the romantic roof and their story will write itself. Because of Robins dedication to her job she misses the first two and arrives at the third only for Ted to panic and set her up with someone that he doesn’t know. Later on, he climbs up to the roof where Robin and Carlos are and interrupts them, to spill his feelings to Robin (again.)

I love this final scene in particular because of the idea that’s presented. It’s one I’ve always been a fan of. There is nothing wrong with abandoning potential love interest in order to make them a close friend. There is this huge stigma in life about “the friendzone” and people make a huge deal out of men/women choosing to keep them as friends rather than being a romantic interest.

I totally support this choice, because “The Friendzone” is…

  1. It is something that was made up inside the minds of men and women who think that they are owed something just because they have feelings for someone else. While I think that it’s important to give people at least one chance, you aren’t obligated to be with someone just because they have feelings for you.
  2. Moreover it is not a bad thing. Many of my close female friends have gotten that way because they chose not to entertain a romantic relationship with me or vice versa. These people have grown to become some of the most important people in my life. I love them endlessly for it. So… in conclusion:

The “Friendzone” is a made up lie that has been spun around for years into this big horrible monster that people use as an excuse to be bitches to one another. In a place where relationship lines are supposed to be clearly defined, we have done an excellent job of mucking the whole thing up.

I like that in popular culture there are still a few small beacons that expand these good ideas, that it’s totally okay to pick friendship over love at a specific time because later in your life it may change and you simply don’t know what will happen. Life is crazy, and your emotions are crazy like-wise. Feelings grow and fade and that’s an important part of life. There is no reason to put those things into specific zones. Life doesn’t work like that.

Let things grow naturally and change. Your friend today could be your lover in a week. You never know, and we wouldn’t want to take away the secrets of our lives, now would we?

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