My Love For “Corpse Bride”

So, I wanted to kick this off with a nice post about a nice movie from a nice director that my mother hates. Tim Burton. I’ve always been a huge fan of Burton because of his creepy twists that he put on everything. (I’m overlooking his version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory because that movie made me really uncomfortable. Johnny Depp can do anything. Except play Willy Wonka. Too much weird in one place.) Regardless… In early October, Netflix loaded “Corpse Bride” to their roster of movies and every fiber in my soul twitched and jittered with excitement. Corpse Bride is without a doubt my favorite Burton flick, and that’s only like… 60% because it’s about the undead.

The thing I really love about the movie is the theme that is portrayed throughout it all. The thing I take away every time I watched it. (In October that counter ticked up to sixteen times. Just so you know I’m serious.) I love it. It’s got the same simplistic message that Burton seems to put in everything.

Be yourself, or make sure you have a good dog as a friend, or don’t put your damned Christmas decorations out on Halloween because it makes you look stupid and each holiday should have their own day. That’s why they are where they are dammit. (Really passionate about that one, if you hadn’t noticed.)

But Corpse Bride has the best one. That love is somehow both fickle and passionate at the same time. (In some small way, it also tells us not to listen to our in-laws but I’m going to gloss over that one and pretend I didn’t notice.)

The whole movie, Victor spends all of his time trying to get back to Victoria, even though he spends all of his time with Emily. It’s great to me because it’s a reminder that no matter how much we plan for stuff that love can happen randomly. The Van Dort family is expecting to get paid off by the Everglots, and vice versa but in reality neither of them have any money so in their eyes the wedding would be a waste anyway. Which… if it were a real scenario, the wedding would’ve gotten called off because people are dicks and they wouldn’t care that Victor and Victoria are wonderful for each other and actually in love (I feel strongly about this movie, you get the hint.)

Plus, I really like Victor, because he’s a bit of a goober. I’m a bit of a goober too. So I can feel for him. Then in a fit of wonderful goober-ness that I connect with on a spiritual level, he totally mucks up the wedding vows. (Best wedding vows ever, by the way.) Then he tromps off into the forest after further mucking things up, and that shithead Barkis is there too, and it becomes this symbol. Life does not go according to plan. Things will always get in the way, but it’s important to hang on to love.

After Victor takes his tumble into the underworld he meets Emily and mucks some more and ends up essentially trapped there, feeling broken, because this woman he began to love is now getting married to a total pile of scuttle. If this movie didn’t take place in Burton’s mind, it would have been about a dude who gets trapped on another country with a totally hot dead girl. (wait…) and she’s in love with him which is cool for her, but there’s Victoria. And Victor is still goober-y. So he screws that all up too by lying to her, and this part is important.

Because he doesn’t love Emily.

Online, in the deep recesses of Tumblr, I’ve seen plenty of people arguing over who is the better match for Victor, Emily or Victoria. I personally like Emily more as a character, but still, Victoria and Victor were the ones that were meant to be together, because there’s that whole love thing involved. Mutual love, that is. Not the one sided love that Emily shines onto Victor.

Anyway, enough rambling on about the movie and not getting to any sort of point (other than that I hate that asshat Lord Barkis) Victor gets out and Emily realizes that he is in love and she sacrifices her own wedding so that Victoria can have hers and it’s beautiful and I’m crying and spoilers if you haven’t seen it but hey I warned you earlier.

It’s this great love story because Victor runs into a woman who is probably better suited for him, she is a musician, she is passionate, she can leave her arm at home so that you don’t have to pat yourself on the back when you finally figure out this damn dishwasher. (Sorry, rambling.) In many ways, Emily is suited for Victor because of her interests and her personality and probably in large part due to her inability to meet many good dudes that still have all their skin. Which brings me to Lord Barkis. The man that stands crooked and bleeds greed. The absolute wad that ruins everything. His greed and his desire to be rich or on top of people or be powerful was the thing that killed Emily and the thing that almost ruin Victoria’s chance at happiness, but still through all of this bullshit, Victor and Victoria never forgot about each other. Deep down, even though Victor had conceded to marrying Emily, Victoria was still on his mind. Despite the fact that she wasn’t a musician, that they hardly knew one another, that they were purely arranged out of convenience, that they had so little in common, they still set eyes on one another and fell in love. That’s special. That’s one of those moments when the story transcended to real life. It stopped being just a story. Because there were better options for Victor, Emily would have been a good match, but that didn’t matter, because he loved Victoria.

The point to all this, is something I see every day. Friends and friends of friends talk about “Yeah my boy/girlfriend is great but there are so many other ones out there, why should I settle for this one?”

If you love someone, that should never be a question. I’ve loved a number of people in my life, because I choose to love them when I meet them. I have been in love, and have had other “better” options presented to me, and yet still chose the one that I love. Why? Because that’s what love is.

You take the parts about you and them and you both come together, and it makes you happy. Despite the fact that she/he isn’t necessarily into the things you are. That doesn’t have to be a factor. At least, not as important a factor as we tend to make it. When you fall in love, you know it. It’s real. There’s naught that you can actually do about it, because your heart starts making those decisions.

I love this movie, because it reminds me of that. Sure, there are better options out there, but someone is going to pick me, or you, every time. Regardless of the “better options” because they love us.

That’s a comforting feeling. One that could warm a guy up enough to bring him back to life, if you know what I mean.

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