Introduction to Talking Floorboards

In my house, like many older houses, there are spots in the floor that have gotten weak or thin or warped over the years and when you step over them in the middle of the night they make this dreadful groan and wake up the family and the dogs and the neighbors and the kids across town. (Let’s be honest, that is my startled scream, not the floorboards.) Regardless, I was walking around way, way earlier, back when H.P.O.E. had just started, and the floorboards creaked and I had this crazy thought that what if the floorboards creaking in a house was the easiest way for something we can’t see to communicate with us and that’s why it happens in literally every horror movie that has ever been written in the history of the universe.

So, I did what I do and I turned it into something much bigger than it is. I introduce you to “Talking Floorboards” Which I attempted to do some time ago, but couldn’t carry the momentum through and ended up dropping the idea of it halfway through the year because I got lazy. Talking Floorboards is going to contain poems and stories that may not make it to publication elsewhere that I still would like to share with you. To top off this creepy cake, if you have a story of some kind and would like to publish it, or even just to have a few people read it don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ll happily post it onto Gravity, My Enemy as long as it isn’t some kind of crazy mass murderer wet dream. But don’t bet on that, just talk to me first, I’m sure that we can work something out. The same goes for collections of art or music or the like. I’ll be posting a whole lot of stuff in this series and I’m really excited to begin sharing it all with you.

All of our stories deserve to be told. Let’s tell them. 🙂

The post for next week will be the first poem I’ve publicly shared with anyone! It’s called “The Hippy, Kent” and it is about the Vietnam War and the Veterans who served there. I hope that you come back to the floor next week and listen with the rest of us.

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